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Rona Nishliu’s double emotions

Next sunday, Albania will choose it’s Eurovision entry for 2020. It might be a good moment to look back in the Albanian eurovision history.

Just let me cry…. cry…. cry…. for this is the best I can do now. That is the translation of the lyrics of Rona Nishliu‘s Eurovision Song. She sang the song “Suus” (“personal”) entirely in Albanian, and ended up in fifth place in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. So far, Rona is the only Albanian contestant who managed to end up in the top-5. 

As you might understand, the song was a very emotional one. In her performance, people could not only hear Rona’s strong voice but also a lot of emotion. The song asked for it.


However, the emotion in this song got an extra touch. The semifinal took place on the 22nd of may. The day before the semifinal, something terrible happened. At Qafa e Vishës near Himarë in Albania, a bus fell into an 80 metre ravine. The bus was filled with students. 13 of them died and 21 where seriously injured. Because of this, the Albanian government decided to declare the 22nd of may a day of national mourning. On this day, Rona Nishliu represented her country, singing Just let me cry…. cry…. cry…. for this is the best I can do now. You can imagine the words getting a completely different meaning for everybody in Albania…..



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