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Sweden chooses Melodifestivalen heat 3 qualifiers

Tonight’s third heat of the Swedish super show Melodifestivalen has come to an end, and we have a result!

The first qualifiers were Marcus & Martinus. The Norweigan brothers brought an EDM pop called “Air’, with a budget spent on lots of lasers. Since it’s rehearsal earlier this week, the brothers have skyrocketed to the 2nd place in the betting odds. Will they win Melodifestivalen 2023?


The second qualifier is Paul Rey with “Royals”! We’ve known him since 2020, where “Talking In My Sleep” got him to 6th place in the final. In 2021 he gave it another shot, with “The Missing Piece” where he went on from Andra Chansen to the final. 


The Semi Finalists of this week are Nordman & Melanie Wehde! Will they make it to the final? We will know it in 2 weeks.


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