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Malmö Messages: Tonight’s participants

photo: EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

Tonight is the night; the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest will be held. On the road to Malmö, our reporter Kal spoke to several participants…. in Amsterdam, in Oslo, in Malmö.

Tonight, Czech contestant Aiko will perform in the semifinal. Kal spoke to her in Amsterdam. He got the chance to interview Aiko about finding her way to ESCZ, the revamp of “Pedestal”, and how spirituality helps her trough Eurovision. 

Also in Amsterdam, he spoke to the members of the Norwegian representants, Gåte. Kal and the guys from Gåte spoke about the cultural aspect of their song, their throwing guitars, and the story behind the non-lyrical part.

There is also a video of the Dutch contestant, Joost Klein. You can read everything about Joost in our column In The Spotlight.


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