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Malmö Messages: orange light, cats and more demons

Even after the lunch break, there were new and fresh rehearsals, with even one, or perhaps two, favorites for the final victory taking the stage.

We started with Ukraine. Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil sing for that country about Teresa & Maria. They bask in orange light. Alyona wears a high ponytail and a wide silver-gray coat, Jerry has her hair loose and wears a beige-like dress. We also see Jerry standing on some sort of wooden stump. Both ladies perform both individually and facing each other. Because Ukraine is currently in fifth place for a final victory, this is an entry to pay extra attention to.

The Polish Luna sings “The Tower.” Luna tries to rectify the mistakes she made in the past; she shows that in the music video. Anyone who watches the video carefully might recognize this story in her current performance. She wears a white top with red dots on the shoulders. Here again, a demon emerges, in this case, one from the past. Luna stands on two towers, between which she later stands. As she does so, she is dressed like the demon. The moon is depicted in the graphics.

Croatia was long number 1 with the bookmakers. Baby Lasagna is now number 2 with “Rim Tim Tagi Dim.” In the same traditional clothing with puffed sleeves that we already know from him, Baby Lasagna appears on stage. The act is a fine-tuning of what we have already seen during the Croatian pre-selection. At the end of the act, we see three dancers dressed as cats. An entry to keep a close eye on.

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