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Malmö Messages: Nemo: we need to talk to eachother

photo: EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

The Code

After clinching victory at the Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland with ‘The Code,’ Nemo joined the press conference to discuss their triumph. Nemo seemingly unraveled the mystery to winning Eurovision, securing Switzerland’s third win in the contest with their track ‘The Code,’ amassing a total of 591 points.

We need to talk with each other

Nemo, the contest’s first nonbinary victor, expressed their pride, highlighting the significance of the moment for both themselves and the broader nonbinary and gender fluid communities. They are optimistic about fostering greater empathy and understanding among people. They stated: “We need to talk with each other and I hope tonight can be a way of remembering that.”


Fresh from their performance, Nemo shared their feelings of intense joy and gratitude. They remarked: “I’m mostly just really grateful for this experience and all the friends I’ve made along the way. This was one of the most queer representations we’ve seen at Eurovision which was amazing, I want to shout out all the other queer artists this year.”

Nemo also mentioned the difficulty of finding spaces where they can fully express themselve. They advised other artists to focus on what truly matters to them and to create art that is meaningful.

To consider Eurovision

Nemo talked about ‘The Code’ as a distinctive and impactful song, enhanced by its presentation, extending thanks to their crew. The song emerged from a songwriting workshop where Nemo initially intended to write for others, until they were asked, “Would you consider going to Eurovision yourself?” Nemo added: “[Performing] a song where I speak about my story, having touched so many people and maybe inspired people to stay true to themselves, is the most insane thing that has ever happened to me.”


Nemo holds immense pride for their native city of Biel, expressing hope for hosting the contest there, despite its smaller size. They described Biel as a hub of creativity where uniqueness is celebrated and valued positively. They shared: “I’m sending so much love to everyone tonight and I’ll be back soon.”


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