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Malmö messages: a lot of blue light, smoke and a demon

photos: EBU

Today, the time has finally come: rehearsals in Malmö have begun. We had to gather our information from various sources because the reports are on Reddit, the photos on Instagram, and the videos on TikTok. All of this is to make it user-friendly for the fans. We at Eurovision Artists have compiled everything for you in one place.

Silia Kapsis represents Cyprus and will open the first semifinal. When Silia performs, there is a lot of movement during her song “Liar,” that much is clear. She is accompanied by 4 dancers, but at the end, she appears to be standing alone, as far as we can see. There is also a dance break in this song. Silia wears a white top and white flared trousers during this first rehearsal. She starts in red light and ends with blue lighting.

Serbia is represented by Teya Dora with the ballad “Ramonda.” If you know her music video, you won’t find many surprises in Teya’s performance. She is situated among rocks, and the smoke machine is heavily used during this performance. The graphics depict clouds, stars, and lightning. Teya Dora wears a dark gray glitter top and light trousers.

Third is Silvester Belt; he will sing “Luktelk” entirely in Lithuanian for Lithuania. Silvester starts as a silhouette on a blue background. Then there is a lot of red: Silvester is dressed in red leather, and the graphics are also red. The dancers, dressed in black for a change, wear masks. Actually, there isn’t much different from the national final.

Then we have Bambie Thug, who will represent Ireland. Bambie starts seated in their song “Doomsday Blue,” with a white-painted face and everything else black. The artist wears a black dress. Bambie starts sitting down. Then candles are lit, and a kind of demon appears on stage, seemingly grabbing them. The graphics, according to Reddit, depict “Crown the Witch.” Whether this text appears on screen or is portrayed is not clear. What is clear, without us having seen Bambie Thug perform, is that we can trust them to make theater.

You’ll notice that we don’t discuss the singing abilities of the artists. We don’t have access to that information, and if we rely on, everything is fantastic.


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