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Malmö Messages: A draw among the Big 5 and Sweden

Malmö Messages:the Big 5 and Sweden

The big five and Sweden had their second rehearsal today. However, there is more happening: the draw also took place to decide in which part of the show the participants will perform. There is a change happening: half of the countries will draw a ‘producers choice‘. They can be placed anywhere.

United Kingdom

He might have called it the most homosexual act ever. Olly Alexander has four dancers around him, who seem to be dancing around each other somewhat combatively. The men have bare torsos, except for Olly’s torn shirt. Whether it is indeed the most homosexual act ever or not? No idea, but not much is left to the imagination. He seems to be rising in the bookmakers’ ratings, where he is now in tenth place. Olly Alexander drew the first half of the final.

EBU/Corinne Cumming


Little has changed since last time for Germany. The act was already so well-defined that there is little left to change. The singing is important in the German entry. But whether Isaak makes enough of an impression to break Germany’s negative streak remains to be seen. The bookmakers give him a 23rd place. Isaak drew in the first half of the final.

EBU/Alma Bengtsson


The Swedes are number three in line to create a full music video of their performance. It is exactly the same performance as during Melodifestivalen. We see Marcus and Martinus everywhere and nowhere. This afternoon in the press center, someone enthusiastically told of having done five interviews with them. We already knew that Sweden will open the final.

EBU/Alma Bengtsson


Less is more, the French must have thought. Slimane stands alone on the stage in white clothing while singing his “Mon amour”. He stands, sits, and lies down while singing. The a cappella part makes a deep impression. The bookmakers currently predict just shy of a top-5 spot, placing him sixth. France will perform in the second half of the final.

EBU/Alma Bengtsson


With a lot of gold in the background, a red sofa, and the two members of Nebulossa in black clothing, the act is complete. The lyrics of “Zorra” caused a lot of controversy, but the Spanish audience enthusiastically roars along with the song. The bookmakers have no faith in it. They rank the song in 24th place. Nebulossa drew producers’ choice this afternoon.

EBU/Alma Bengtsson


Fortunately, not everything remains exactly the same as during the previous rehearsal. Angelina Mango has a different dress: a black one, with much fewer flowers on it. That makes the overall busy impression during the performance a bit less intense. “La Noia” is currently fourth with the bookmakers. Angelina Mango drew producers’ choice.

EBU/Alma Bengtsson

As mentioned, except for Italy, there are few changes. The big five and Sweden will be heard and seen for the first time during the semifinals, so there are equal opportunities for everyone. We think: abolish the big five if they really want equal chances. But then, who are we…


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