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Malmö messages: a bunch of dancers and a singer dressed in fur

Today, the favorite Switzerland takes the stage. Will Nemo live up to their role? We will see.

For Malta, Sarah Bonnici will perform. She will sing “Loop” while incorporating dance moves she showcased during the national final. Sarah wears a silver swimsuit, and four dancers lift, place, and dance around her. The graphics display various colors. The dance break has been changed somewhat (so there is one!) and the act naturally ends with fireworks.

photo: EBU/Sarah-Louise Bennett

Albania is represented by Besa, who sings “Titan” in English. She is accompanied by two backing vocalists and three dancers. More dancers are visible on the LED screens. Besa wears a blue bodysuit with white sleeves. The lighting alternates between red and blue.

photo: EBU/Corinne Cumming

Marina Satti will sing “Zari” for Greece. She wears a purple skirt and black boots, accompanied by four dancers in the act. During the act, she will showcase some street dance. The dancers, three men and one woman, somewhat resemble Marina’s personal gang. There are many close-ups according to They also report that the act is based on the same idea as the music video.

photo: EBU/Sarah-Louise Bennett

The favorite in the betting odds is Nemo, who sings “The Code” for Switzerland. According to, Nemo doesn’t disappoint in their act. However, we decide for ourselves whether we are disappointed or not. So far, we have no reason to be. Nemo wears fur, though we’re unsure if it’s real or fake. It’s pink and white, and even their boots match. Nemo stands on a platform with a diameter of about two to three meters, which moves. This allows them to climb on it, jump off, and dance on it.

photo: EBU/Corinne Cumming

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