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In the Spotlight: Angelina Mango

In the Spotlight: Angelina Mango

Tomorrow, the big final of the Eurovision Song Contest takes place in the Malmö Arena. 26 countries compete for the win. One of them is Angelina Mango, representing Italy

But who is Angelina? Let’s give her a spotlight.

Angelina was born on April 10, 2001 in Maratea, in the South of Italy. Angelina comes from a musical family. Her mother, Laura Valente, was the singer of Matia Bazar; she joined the band in 1990, after their Eurovision participation (1979) and after their mega hit Ti sento (1985). Her father, Giuseppe Mango (or simply Mango), was a popular singer in Italy.

After the early death of her father, the family moves to Milan, her mother’s birthplace, in 2016. Together with her brother she was part of a cover band, which was the start of her musical career.


On November 13, 2020, Mango released her debut single “Va tutto bendo” (Everything is okay). In 2022, she signed a recording contract with Sony Music.

On May 12, 2023, Angelina released the EP “Voglia di vivere” (The will to live). The EP debuted at number two on the Italian charts. On October 6, 2023, she released the single “Che t’o dico a fa” (What do I tell you), which reached the second place on the Italian charts.

San Remo Festival

Where her father once started, just before his breakthrough in the eighties, Angelina shines this year: in San Remo, the Italian music festival of which the number one goes to the Eurovision Song Contest. She  brings a tribute to Giuseppe; she sings his hit “La rondine” (The Swallow).

She wins the festival, and confirms to  represent Italy with the song “La noia” (Boredom).

The song

The song tells about the difficult time after the early death of her father, but that we must not be afraid of boredom: it must be welcomed, it is important, as are all the feelings that bring us down, deep down.  There is always an upswing.  


Photo: EBU/Alma Bengtsson


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