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🇦🇱 Albania: second night Festivali i Këngës

Tonight is the second night of Festivali i Këngës, the Albanian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. 

The second semifinal will be held tonight, 21.00 CET. You can watch it here and on YouTube. The show will be aired from the Palace of Congress in Tirana and will be hosted by Adriana Matoshi, Kledi Kadiu, Xhuliano Dule & Krisa Çaushi. Full results are not expected tonight. These are the songs:

  1. Big Basta & Vesa Luma sing “Mbinatyrale”
  2. Elsa Lila sings “Mars”
  3. Jasmina Hako sings “Ti”
  4. Michela Paluca sings “Për veten”
  5. Anduel Kovaci sings “Nan'”
  6. Irma Lepuri sings “Me prit”
  7. Eden Baja sings “Ajër”
  8. Erina & The Elementals sing “Jetën n’Skaj”
  9. Kleansa Susaj sings “Pikturë”
  10. Arsi Bako sings “Zgjohu”
  11. Tiri Gjoci sings “Në ëndërr”
  12. Besa Krasniqi sings “Esenciale”
  13. Bledi Kaso sings “Çdo gjë mbaroi”
  14. Troy Band sing “Horizonti i ëndrrave”
  15. Martina Serreqi sings “Vetëm ty”


Vesa Luma took part in 2005 (final), 2008 (semifinal) and 2013 (15th).
Elsa Lila won Festivali i Këngës last year, but the choice of the televoters went to Eurovision.
Arsi Bako took part in the 2023 semifinal.
Tiri Gjoci participated in 2018 (final) and 2020 (final).
Besa Krasniqi took part in 2016 (final).


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