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🇺🇦 Who is going to represent Ukraine?

Ukraine will select their song for Eurovision tonight. Out of 11 songs, a jury and televoters will select a winner. Vidbir, as the name of the contest is, will be hosted by Timur Miroshnychenko, Julia Sanina and Vasyl Baidak. The show starts at 17.00 and you can watch it here, here, on Youtube, on Youtube with English comments, and on  Youtube Eurovision channel with English comments.

nr Title Artist(s)  
1 Lalala Yaktak
2 Keeper Ingret
3 Slavic English Nazva
4 Palala Anka
5 Endless chain Drevo
6 Teresa & Maria Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil
7 Dreamer Mélovin
8 Time is running out Skylerr
9 Place I call home Ziferblat
10 Tsunamia Yagodi
11 Glasss Nahaba


Ingret also took part in 2018 (semifinal).
Jerry Heil became 6th in 2020.
With “Under the ladder”, Mélovin represented Ukraine in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. The year before he was 3rd in Vidbir.



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