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🇵🇱 Luna represents Poland

Luna will represent Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö with the song ‘The Tower’. That is what Polish broadcaster TVP announced today.

Luna, a prodigious singer and multifaceted artist, has been an integral part of the music scene since her formative years. From enchanting audiences with her mesmerizing performances in folk bands to gracing the grand stages of the Grand Theatre-National Opera in Warsaw, Luna’s musical journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. At 24, she is not only a student at the University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Artes Liberales but also a virtuoso violinist and pianist, a prolific songwriter in both English and Polish, and a skilled composer.

While Luna finds her muse in art, philosophy, and fashion, her fascination with astrology and her deep connection with nature serve as guiding forces in her life. As the inaugural Polish Ambassador of the Spotify Equal initiative, Luna garnered international acclaim, with her image adorning the iconic Times Square in New York. Her meteoric rise continued with a nomination for ‘Discovery of the Year’ at the prestigious Polish ‘Bestsellery EMPIKu’ Awards in 2022.

The release of her debut album “Nocne Zmory” (‘Nightmares’) in 2022 marked a significant milestone in Luna’s career, celebrated with a sold-out promotional concert at Warsaw’s esteemed Niebo club. Venturing beyond borders, Luna embarked on collaborations with UK and Swedish producers, showcasing her versatility and international appeal. Her collaboration with DJ Miss Monique on the track “Subterranean” garnered millions of streams, while her contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “The Tower,” crafted alongside Fyfe and Max Cooke in the UK, further solidified her status as a rising star on the global stage.


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