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🇳🇴 Norway: will KEiiNO return to ESC?

Tonight nine songs will compete in Norsk Melodi Grand Prix, in order to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. Out of 3 semifinals, nine songs were chosen. KEiiNO and Gåte are the hot favourites to win this thing.

The show starts at 19.50 and you can watch it here. Below you’ll find the nine contestants.

nr Title Artist(s)  
1 Damdiggida KEiiNO
2 Save me Annprincess
3 We come alive Gothminister
4 Eya Ingrid Jasmin
5 Green lights Miia
6 Oblivion Margaret Berger
7 Judge tenderly of me Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagerno
8 Ulveham Gåte
9 Super Rob & Erika Norwich My AI

KEiiNO represented Norway in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with “Spirit in the sky”. They also took part in the 2021 Melodi Grand Prix and became 2nd.
Gothminister took part in the 2013 Melodi Grand Prix semifinal.
With “I feed you my love”, Margaret Berger represented Norway in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.


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