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🇳🇴 Gåte represents Norway

It’s Gåte for Norway! After an exciting voting, the group is chosen to sing their song “Ulveham”, written and composed by Gunnhild Sundli, Jon Even Schärer, Marit Jensen Lillebuen, Magnus Børmark, Ronny Graff Janssen and Sveinung Ekloo Sundli. Here are the full results:

The results are decided by an international jury and televoting, combined. Where KEiiNO was the favourite of the jury, televoters chose Gåte.

  1. Gåte, “Ulveham”, 250 pts
  2. KEiiNO, “Damdiggida”, 244 pts
  3. Super Rob & Erika Norwich, “My AI”, 120 pts.
  4. Gothminister, “We come alive”, 115 pts.
  5. Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagerno, “Judge tenderly of me”, 105 pts
  6. Miia, “Green lights”, 76 pts
  7. Margaret Berger, “Oblivion” , 45 pts
  8. Ingrid Jasmin, “Eya”, 42 pts
  9. Annprincess, “Save me”, 33 pts



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