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🇲🇩 Moldova made a decision

Moldova has chosen 11 songs from today’s audition round. In the final, on 17 February, the next 11 songs will participate:

  • Cătălina Solomac sings “Fever”
  • Iulia Teleucă sings “Runaway”
  • Natalia Barbu sings “In the middle”
  • Nicoleta Sava sings “Brava”
  • OL sings “No time no space”
  • Reghina Alexandrina sings “Contrasens”
  • Sasha Letty sings “DNA”
  • Valeria Pasha sings “Anti-princess”
  • Victor Gulick sings “Fever”
  • Viola Julea sings “Light up!”
  • Y-Limit sings “Revolution”

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