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Etapa națională

🇲🇩 It’s Natalia Barbu for Moldova!

It’s Natalia Barbu for Moldova. won the national selection Etapa Națională. Out of 11 songs, “In the middle” was chosen to represent Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest. It was the favourite of the jury. Televoters selected Valeria Pasha, but the vote of the jury counted more. The song is written by Khris Richards and Natalia herself and composed by Natalia. She will perform in the 2nd half of the 1st semifinal. Here are the full results: Natalia Barbu, “In the middle”, 22 pts. Valeria Pasha, “Anti-princess”, 22 pts. Iulia Teleucă, “Runaway”, 16 pts. Cătălina Solomac, “Fever”, 14 pts. Viola Julea, “Light up!”, 9 pts. Reghina Alexandrina, “Contrasens”, 9 pts. Nicoleta Sava, “Bravo”, 8 pts. OL, “No time, no space”, 7 pts. Sasha Letty, “DNA”, 6 pts. Y-Limit, “Revolution”, 2 pts. Victor Gulick, “Fever”, 1 pts.  

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🇲🇩 Moldova selects their song

Etapa Națională 2024, the Moldovan national final, will be held. After an audition round, 11 songs are left to compete. The show starts at 18.00 CET from TRM Studio 1 in Chișinău. You can watch it here, on Facebook and Youtube.  Here are the 11 songs: nr Title Artist(s)   1 Bravo Nicoleta Sava 2 Anti-princess Valeria Pasha 3 Contrasens Reghina Alexandrina 4 Light up! Viola Julea 5 No time no space OL 6 DNA Sasha Letty 7 In the middle Natalia Barbu 8 Revolution Y-Limit 9 Fever Cătălina Solomac 10 Fever Victor Gulick 11 Runaway Iulia Teleucă   Nicoleta Sava was 7th in 2018.Viola Julea took part in 2022.OL reached a 6th place in 2023.In 2020, Sasha Letty was 14th.Natalia Barbu represented Moldova in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Fight”. In 2011 she was 2nd in the national selection.  Y-Limit took part in the 2022 and 2023 audition round.Victor Gulick was 9th in 2023.  

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🇲🇩 Moldova made a decision

Moldova has chosen 11 songs from today’s audition round. In the final, on 17 February, the next 11 songs will participate: Cătălina Solomac sings “Fever” Iulia Teleucă sings “Runaway” Natalia Barbu sings “In the middle” Nicoleta Sava sings “Brava” OL sings “No time no space” Reghina Alexandrina sings “Contrasens” Sasha Letty sings “DNA” Valeria Pasha sings “Anti-princess” Victor Gulick sings “Fever” Viola Julea sings “Light up!” Y-Limit sings “Revolution”

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