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🇲🇩 It’s Natalia Barbu for Moldova!

It’s Natalia Barbu for Moldova. won the national selection Etapa Națională. Out of 11 songs, “In the middle” was chosen to represent Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest. It was the favourite of the jury. Televoters selected Valeria Pasha, but the vote of the jury counted more. The song is written by Khris Richards and Natalia herself and composed by Natalia. She will perform in the 2nd half of the 1st semifinal. Here are the full results:

  1. Natalia Barbu, “In the middle”, 22 pts.
  2. Valeria Pasha, “Anti-princess”, 22 pts.
  3. Iulia Teleucă, “Runaway”, 16 pts.
  4. Cătălina Solomac, “Fever”, 14 pts.
  5. Viola Julea, “Light up!”, 9 pts.
  6. Reghina Alexandrina, “Contrasens”, 9 pts.
  7. Nicoleta Sava, “Bravo”, 8 pts.
  8. OL, “No time, no space”, 7 pts.
  9. Sasha Letty, “DNA”, 6 pts.
  10. Y-Limit, “Revolution”, 2 pts.
  11. Victor Gulick, “Fever”, 1 pts.



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