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🇱🇻 These are the Latvian finalists!

Latvia has chosen 10 finalists out of 15. Next week, they will compete in the final, in order to select the Latvian entry. Here are the results:

  1. Agnese Rakovska sings “AI”
  2. Patrīcija Spale sings “Heaven’s raining down on me”
  3. B/H sings “Amsterdam”
  4. Alekss Silvers sings “For the show”
  5. Jar Of Kings sings “Wildfire”
  6. Saint Levića sings “Tick Tock”
  7. Sasha Sil sings “Love is a language”
  8. Papīra Lidmašīnas sings “Mindbreaker”
  9. Avéi sings “Mine”
  10. Ecto sings “Outsider”
  11. Dons sings “Hollow”
  12. Katrīna Gupalo sings “The cat’s song”
  13. Funkinbiz sings “Na chystu vodu”
  14. Vēstulēs sings “Kur?”
  15. Edvards Strazdiņš sings “Rock ‘n’ roll Supernova”

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