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🇱🇺 Luxembourg is back with Tali

Finally, there is a new Luxembourgish Eurovision Contestant, and it’s Tali. After an exciting voting, Tali was chosen to represent the country, for the first time since 1993. Her song “Fighter”, written and composed by Ana Zimmer, Manon Romiti and Silvio Lisbonne, will be the entry.

At first, eight songs were presented, three went to the superfinal:

  1. Joel Marques, “Believer”
  2. Edsun, “Finally alive”
  3. Naomi Ayé, “Paumée sur terre”
  4. Angy & Rafa Ela, “Drop”
  5. One Last Time, “Devil in the detail”
  6. Krick, “Drowning in the rain”
  7. Chaild, “Hold on”
  8. Tali, “Fighter”

The final result was decided by televoting and an expert jury together:

  1. Tali, “Fighter”, 178
  2. Krick, “Drowning in the rain”, 165
  3. Joel Marques, “Believer”, 136

Tali was the winner of the international jury and the televote.


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