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🇱🇹 Two new finalists in Lithuania

And for the third time, Lithuania brings us their results. In Lithuania, two songs are chosen to go to the final on 17 February. Here are the full results of the semifinal:


  1. Shower sings “Impossible”, 20 pts
  2. Pluie de Comètes sings “Be careful”, 19 pts
  3. Mary Mo sings “Done”, 16 pts
  4. MeidĖ sings “Zoo”, 16 pts
  5. Baltos Vamos sings “In the night”, 15 pts
  6. Anžela sings “Paskubėk”, 10 pts
  7. Sun Francisco sings “Trauka”, 8 pts
  8. Sid Harlow sings “Here we go again”, 6 pts

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