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🇱🇹 Results are in in Lithuania

Lithuanian results are in! Two more finalists head to the final, one more semifinal to go. We will see Il Senso and Monika Marija back within 2 weeks. These are the full results: 

  1. Il Senso sings “Time”, 22 pts
  2. Monika Marija sings “Starting tomorrow”, 20 pts
  3. Kasparas sings “Fools”, 18 pts
  4. Martin sings “Jigsaw”, 13 pts
  5. Hansanova sings “Dragons and rainbows”, 10 pts
  6. Agnė Buškevičiūtė sings “Puppeteer”, 12 pts
  7. Danielė sings “Cold shower”, 8 pts
  8. Vilija sings “Save me”, 7 pts

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