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🇱🇹 Lithuania: first episode of Eurovizija LT

Tonight is the night: the first episode of the Lithuanian preselection Eurovizija LT will be held. The show will exist of 5 semifinals, each with 8 songs. Two songs will head to the final.

The show will start at 20.00 CET and you can watch it here or at the LRT app. These are the 8 competing songs of tonight:

  1. Živilė Gedvilaitė sings “Save me”
  2. Antoine Wend sings “Say no more”
  3. Marius Petrauskas sings “Kol laiko yra”
  4. Silvester Belt sings “Luktelk”
  5. Aistay sings “You”
  6. VB Gang sings “Kaboom!!”
  7. Luka sings “Move on”
  8. Clockwork Creep sings “Empty”


Živilė Gedvilaitė took part in 2018 and reached the wildcard round. In 2019 he was in the semifinals, in 2022 in the quarter finals.
Marius Petrauskas participated in the heats in 2017 and 2018.
Aistay took part in the 2020 heats.
VB Gang (Vidas Bareikis) took part in the heats in 2017 and reached the wildcard round in 2018.
Clockwork Creep reached the quarter finals in 2022.



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