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🇭🇷 Croatia: 1st semifinal of DORA

Tonight, the first of two semifinals of DORA will be held. Since 1993, when Croatia first took part, DORA is the national final. In tonight’s semifinal, 12 songs will compete, 8 of which will go to the final, next Sunday. The show will start at 20:15 CET and you can watch it here and on YouTube.

These are the twelve competing songs:

  1. Noelle sings “Baby baby”
  2. Mario Battifiaca feat. Robert Ferlin sing “Vodu piti trizan biti”
  3. Stefany Žužić sings “Stretnih dana dat’ će bog”
  4. Misha sings “One day”
  5. Erna sings “How do you love me”
  6. Eugen sings “Tišine”
  7. Vinko sings “Lying eyes”
  8. Barbara Munjas sings “Nepobjevida”
  9. Let 3 sings “Babaroga”
  10. Lana Manadrić sings “More”
  11. Pavel sings “Do mjeseca”
  12. Saša Lozar sings “Ne plačem zbog nje”


Barbara Munjas already participated in 2007 (semifinal). Last year she was 8th.
Saša Lozar took part in the 2011 heats.
Let 3 represented Croatia in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Mama šč!”.



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