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🇪🇸 Spain: Results are in at Benidorm Fest

The first semifinal of Benidorm Fest took place, and the results are in. Four songs will go through to the final. This is what the juries decided:

  1. Nebulossa sings “Zorra”, 149 pts
  2. Angy Fernández sings “Sé quién soy”, 137 pts
  3. Sofia Coll sings “Here to say”, 116 pts
  4. Miss Cafeina sings “Bla bla bla”, 105 pts
  5. Mantra sings “Me vas a ver”, 98 pts
  6. Noan sings “Te echo de”, 96 pts
  7. Lérica sings “Astronauta”, 82 pts
  8. Quique Niza sings “Prisionero”, 81 pts


We can say hi to Nebulossa, Angy Fernández, Sofia Coll and Miss Cafeina in the final, upcoming Saturday!


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