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🇩🇰 Saba Danish contestant for Malmö

Denmark selected their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö and its Saba with the song “Sand”. The song is written and composed by Jonas Thander, Melanie Wehbe and Pil Kalinka Nygaard Jeppesen. Denmark will perform in the first half of the second semifinal.

Here is the full result of the contest:

  1. Saba, “Sand”, 37 pts.
  2. Basim, “Johnny”, 34 pts.
  3. Janus Wiberg, “I need your love”, 29 pts.

The other contestants were:

  • Stella, “Sign here”
  • Chu Chu, “The chase (zoom zoom)”
  • RoseeLu, “Real love”
  • Ublu, “Planetary hearts”
  • Aura Dione, “Mirrorball of hope”



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