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🇦🇱 Albania: Festivali i Këngës, first evening tonight

Tonight is the first night of Festivali i Këngës, the Albanian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Normally, this marks the start of the national final season. However, this year everything is different. We already know two songs for Eurovision.

The first semifinal will be held tonight, 20.00 CET. You can watch it here on YouTube and on Facebook. The show will be aired from the Palace of Congress in Tirana and will be hosted by Adriana Matoshi, Kledi Kadiu, Xhuliano Dule & Krisa Çaushi. Full results are not expected tonight. These are the songs:

  1. Stivi Ushe sings “Askush si ty”
  2. Besa Kokëdhima sings “Zemrën n’dorë”
  3. Mal Retkorceri sings “Çmendur”
  4. Eldis Arrnjeti sings “Nje kujtim”
  5. Shpat Deda sings “S’mund t’fitoj pa ty”
  6. Jehona Ponari sings “Evol”
  7. PeterPan Quartet sings “Edhe nje here”
  8. Festina Mejzini sings “Melos”
  9. Kastro Zizo sings “2073”
  10. Luan Durmishi sings “Përsëritja”
  11. Melodajn Mancaku sings “Nuk jemi ne”
  12. Olsi Ballta sings “Unë”
  13. Andi Tanko sings “Herë pas here”
  14. Sergio Hajdini sings “Uragan”
  15. Santino de Bartolo sings “Dua të rry me ty”
  16. Olimpia Smajlaj sings “Asaj”


Besa Kokëdhima already took part in 2009 (4th) and 2011 (8th).
Festina Mejzini was present in 2017 (semifinal), 2018 (final) and 2021 (3rd).
Kastro Zizo participated in 2020 (semifinal), 2021 (final) and 2022 (semifinal).
Melodajna Mancaku and Sergio Hajdini both reached the final in 2023.
Andi Tanko took part in the 2016 semifinal.
Olimpia Smajlaj reached the final in 2022.



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