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Tvorchi wins Vidbir 2023

Tvorchi has won Vidbir 2023! The group will represent Ukraine in Liverpool next year with their song “Heart Of Steel” 

The Jury gave them 9 points, while they won the public vote with 10 points.

Tvorchi are the lucky ones to follow up Eurovision winners ‘Kalush Orchestra’, and therefore Ukraine has already granted itself a spot in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 finals 

watch the performance of “Heart Of Steel” here: 


Tvorchi isn’t new to the Eurovision family, as they have participated in Vidbir 2020 with “Bonfire”. They went on to finals, but only ended up fourth. 


In 2018 producer Andriy Gutsulyak (Andrew Hutsuliak) and Vocalist Jeffery Kenny doubled up to form the musical group. 

Jeffery was born in Nigeria, but later on moved to Ukraine where he studied at the Ukrainian Medical University. This is where the duo met, and shared the same passion for music. Eventually they’ve loved it so much, that they started making their owns beats together. 




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