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the last Melodi Grand Prix 2023 semi-final has ended

Tonight was the last night for artists to qualify for the Melodi Grand Prix 2023 final in Trondheim. Norway has chosen it’s qualifiers, and here they are: 


Alte Pettersen is back in the final of Melodi Grand Prix! Last time we saw him was two years ago in 2021. Then he managed to get pre-qualified for the final, but this year he got all the support from the public. 

Tonight he sung his ballad, that later turns into a pop song called “Masterpiece”. 


From the start of her music carreer it’s drag queen Skrellex. She’s trough with her pop song “Love Again”. Skrellex burns up the stage as she dances with her four backing dancers. Not only her dance moves, but the disco balls on stage light her up aswell.


At last but not least we have Eline Thorp. As she’s an up coming artist in Norway, you can already tell she has a great amount of fans for “Not Meant To Be”! Will it be enough for her to take the trophy next week?


Next week we have nine finalists batteling it all out in Trondheim. Who are you rooting for? Let us know, and we’ll see you next week. 


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