Spain: Benidorm Fest semifinal 2

Tonight is the night: Benidorm Fest will have it’s second and last semifinal. Benidorm Fest is the Spanish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. The show starts at 22.50 and can be seen here. Out of 9 songs, 4 will qualify for the final. The songs are:

  • Alfred García sings “Desde que tú estás”
  • Blanca Paloma sings “Eaea”
  • E’Femme sings “Uff!!”
  • Famous Oberogo sings “La lola”
  • José Otero sings “Inviemos en Marte”
  • Karmento sings “Quiero y duelo”
  • Rakky Ripper sings “Traccíon”
  • Siderland sings “Que esclati tot”
  • Vicco sings “Nonchentera”


Alfred García represented Spain in 2018 with the song “Tu cancíon”, in duet with Amaia.
Blanca Paloma took part in Benidorm Fest 2022 and became 5th.
Famous Oberogo took part in Operacíon Triunfo 2019 and became 7th in the Eurovision final.


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