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Portugal: Festival da Canção, the last national final

Festival da Canção will reach it’s final tonight. That makes the Portuguese national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest the last one for this year. Only a few internal selected songs are not published yet.

Festival da Canção has 13 songs this year. There were supposed to be twelve, but due to technichal issues an extra song had been added from the first semifinal. The finalists are:

1 Cláudia Pascoal Nasci Maria
2 Churky Encruzilhada
3 Esse Povo Sapatos de cimento
4 Bárbara Tinoco Goodnight
5 You Can’t Win Charlie Brown Contraste Mudou
6 Voodoo Marmalade Tormento
7 Inês Apenas Fim do mundo
8 Mimicat Ai coração
9 Dapunksportif World needs therapy
10 Neon Soho Endless world
11 Ivandro Povo
12 Edmundo Inácio A festa
13 Sal Viver

Cláudia Pascoal won Festival Da Canção in 2018 and represented Portugal at the festival in Lisbon with the song “O jardim”.
Bárbara Tinoco was 2nd in the 2020 national final.


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