Portugal: Festival Da Canção starts

Portugal starts the national final tonight. The tradition is that there will be two semifinals and a final. Every semifinal contains 10 songs, and so does the final. That means that from tonight’s semifinal, two songs will go through two the final.

The show will be broadcast on 22:00 CET and you can watch it here and here. These are the participating songs:

  1. MoYah sings “Too much sauce”
  2. Bolha sings “Sonhos de liberdade”
  3. April Ivy sings “Modo voo”
  4. Churky sings “Encurzilhada”
  5. Cláudia Pascoal sings “Nasci Maria”
  6. Sal sings “Viver”
  7. Mimicat sings “Ai coração”
  8. You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown sings “Contraste mudo”
  9. Neon Soho sings “Endless world”
  10. Esse Povo sings “Sapatos de cimento”


Cláudia Pascoal won Festival Da Canção in 2018 and represented Portugal at the festival in Lisbon with the song “O jardim”.


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