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Portugal: Festival Da Canção has it’s 2nd semifinal

Portugal continues the national final Festival Da Canção tonight. The tradition is that there will be two semifinals and a final. Every semifinal contains 10 songs, the final will have 12. That means that from tonight’s semifinal, five songs will go through to the final via televoting, one chosen by an expert jury.

The show will be broadcast on 22:00 CET and you can watch it here and here. These are the participating songs:

  1. Edmundo Inácio, “A festa”
  2. The Happy Mess, “O impossível”
  3. Teresinha Landeiro, “Equanto é tempo”
  4. Bandua, “Bandeiras”
  5. Bárbara Tinoco, “Goodnight”
  6. Inês Apenas, “Fim do mundo”
  7. Ivandro, “Povo”
  8. Dapunksportif, “World needs therapy”
  9. Lara Li, “Funâmbula”
  10. Voodoo Marmalade, “Tormento”


Bárbara Tinoco was 2nd in the 2020 national final.
Lara Li took part in 1980 (semifinal) and 1986 (final).


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