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Poland makes a choice

Tu bije serce Europy will be the national final for Poland tonight. Ten songs will compete. The choice will be made by 50% jury and 50% televoting. The show starts at 17:30 CET and you can watch it here and here. 

The ten competing songs are:

1 Natasza Lift U up
2 Kuba Szmajkowski You do me
3 Ahlena Booty
4 Dominik Dudek Be good
5 Alicja Szemplińska New home
6 Felivers Never back down
7 Maja Hyży Never hide
8 Jann Gladiator
9 Blanka Solo
10 Yan Majewski Champion

Natasza became 2nd in the Polish national final in 2007 and in 2008.
Kuba Smajkowski took part in 2022 and became 4th.
Alicja Szemplińska won the 2020 national selection. Due to COVID19, her song “Empires” never represented Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Maja Hyży took part in 2018 and became 7th. In 2020 she took part in the semifinals.


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