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Pasha Parfeny will return to the contest for Moldova

Pasha Parfeny won Etapa Națională, the Moldovan national final. He will therefore represent Moldova in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. The song is called “Soarele şi luna”and was written by Iuliana Parfeni and composed by Pasha himself and Andrei Vulpe. 

It is not the first time represents Moldova. did it before in and became.

Moldova will sing in the second half of the first semifinal. Here are the full results:


  1. Pasha Parfeny, “Soarele şi luna”, 24 pts.
  2. Sunstroke Project, “Yummy mommy”, 18 pts.
  3. Aliona Moon, “Du-mă”, 17 pts.
  4. Surrorile Oroianu, “Bade, bădişor, bădiţă”, 15 pts.
  5. Donia, “Red zone”, 11 pts.
  6. OL, “Why you play it cool”, 7 pts.
  7. Corina Ivanov, “When love is real”, 7 pts.
  8. Cosmina, “Indestructible”, 7 pts.
  9. Victor Gulick, “Let’s dance”, 5 pts.
  10. Nördika, “Damn and down”, 5 pt.


Here you’ll find the video of the live performance:


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