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Mimicat is the artist for Portugal

National final season is over. Mimicat won the Portuguese final Festival Da Canção 2023. She will sing the song “Ai, coração”, which is written by Marisa Mena and composed by Marisa Mena and Luís Perreira.

Mimicat won the national final after an exciting voting. The jury voting resulted in a tie between Mimicat and Edmundo Inácio, but the televoter chose Mimicat. This is the full result:

  1. Mimicat, “Ai, coração”, 24 pt.
  2. Edmundo Inácio, “A festa”, 22 pt.
  3. Cláudia Pascoal, “Nasci Maria”, 12 pt.
  4. Bárbara Tinoco, “Goodnight”, 9 pt.
  5. Ivandro, “Povo”, 9 pt.
  6. Dapunksportif, “World needs therapy”, 8 pt.
  7. Voodoo Marmalade, “Tormento”, 7 pt.
  8. You Can’t Win Charlie Brown, “Contraste mudou”, 7 pt.
  9. Churky, “Encruzilhada”, 5 pt.
  10. Neon Soho, “Endless world”, 5 pt.
  11. Esse Povo, “Sapatos de cimento”, 4 pt.
  12. Sal, “Viver”, 3 pt.
  13. Inês Apenas, “Fim do mundo”, 3 pt.



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