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Malta: semifinal results are in

The results of the Maltese semifinal are in. 24 songs have been reduced to 16. Here you’ll find all the finalists in bold letters:

  • Greta Tude sings “Sound of my stilettos”
  • Fabrizio Faniello sings “Try to be better”
  • Eliana Gomez Blanco sings “Guess what”
  • Andre’ sings “Broken hill”
  • Dan sings “It’ll be OK”
  • Ian sings “On my own”
  • Ryan Hili sings “In the silence”
  • Mark Anthony Bartolo sings “Tears”
  • Cheryl sings “La la land”
  • Dario Bezzina sings “Bridle road”
  • Nathan sings “Creeping walls”
  • Chris Grech sings “Indescribable”
  • Brooke sings “Checkmate”
  • Christian Arding sings “Eku Ċar”
  • Klinsmann sings “Piranha”
  • Bradley Debono sings “Blackout”
  • Geo Debono sings “The mirror”
  • The Busker sings “Dance (our own party)”
  • Maxine Pace sings “Alone”
  • Dominic & Anna sing “Whatever wind may blow”
  • Giada sings “I depend on you”
  • Stefan Galea sings “Heartbreaker”
  • Mikhail sings “Leħen Fiċ-Ċpar”
  • Matt Blxck sings “Up”


The final will be held this Saturday.


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