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Liverpool Live: about sweaters, luggage and more!

Today, the rehearsals started. Ten countries will have their first rehearsal. No press is allowed to watch them, but EBU keeps us updated.

photo credits: EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett/Corinne Cummings


The rehearsals started with Norway. Alessandra has an act that is quite similar to what one could see at the national final, wearing black and gold with a metallic bustier, huge shoulders and a black cape. Alessandra is accompanied by four dancers having giant glo-sticks. is quite enthousiastic about the high note at the end.


It is clear that The Busker, representing Malta, feel better in their sweater. It is what they wear. Singer Dav jr. even changes his sweater during the performance! A lot of things happen on stage: first they are on and around a bench in a park, later you can see them in a discotheque were the word ‘DANCE’ is visible. Later they are in a red car and in a small room with a sofa. Note that there are also cardboard cutouts of former Maltese participants like Destiny, Glen Vella and Chiara.


Also the Serbian act looks the same as in the national final: Luke Black starts singing from a huge shell/bed. The four dancers are connected to she shell with long hoses. There’s smoke coming out of the hoses at the end. is positive about the act: “With the pulsing bass and video game graphics, the whole thing is dark and surreal and hypnotic – definitely a performance viewers won’t forget.”  


Panic in the Latvian delegation: the members of Sudden Lights are here, but their luggage isn’t. The guys expect their luggage to still be in Germany. The airlines company told the band the problem will be solved soon. However, the planned costumes could not be worn on stage today. 
The staging almost looks the same as during the national final. They perform as a band, with the drums on stage. They are surrounded by big lamps. The colours are quite dark, although we don’t know what the band members are going to wear.


Portugal has chosen not to do a similar act as in the national final. Mimicat is performing with four dancers. The colour red remains however. The dress Mimicat herself is wearing is entirely made of feathers. The backing dancers are wearing red too. reporters are very much impressed by Mimicat’s strong voice. “This is a classy cabaret crowd-pleaser and the final note is HUGE.”, they say.

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