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Loreen: I feel overwhelmed

Starters package

There is the tradition of a winners press conference after the show. This started with Martin Österdahl handing over a starters package to the Swedish head of delegation: “You made history tonight. You were the first female performer to win twice.”, he added.

Everythings feels surreal

And after that it was time for Loreen: “Right now everything feels surreal. I am overwhelmed. I feel proud of you guys. We come with certain values, it is about love, it is about strength. You guys are the love and the strength”.

Euphoria vs Tattoo

She also talked about the difference between 2012, when she first won the Eurovision song contest: “In 2012 everything was new, I was so naive,  I didn’t know what to expect. Now we have an 11 year old relationship, so we know eachother right now. It feels like a motherly relationship.”. Loreen also noticed a difference in the two performances: “Euphoria was a very mysterious performance. If you look at the performance now, it was very light. It’s interesting: Euphoria was the moonlight, Tattoo was the sunlight.”

She was also asked if there should be a limit, like in the USA with presidential elections; no more than two times. “It’s all about creativity and about performing. It is about us creating something new. I don’t think there should be a limit on that.”


Loreen revealed something about her nails: “They are (although not completely) made of stone. I just wanted movement and they move a lot. So that you can see all the movement.”

Being authentic

Thomas G:son, one of the composers of the song, was pretty sure it was gonna win. “We filmed this while he said this”, someone from the delegation confirmed, so we have proof of that. Loreen however says something else about winning. “I think the key ingredient to any succes is being authentic. And to be a you should listen to yourself and get to know yourself.”


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