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Liverpool live: eyes, a typewriter and a car

The third day of rehearsals is already halfway. We are looking at the last six entries we haven’t heard and seen yet (except the Big Five and Ukraine).

photo credits: EBU/Sarah Luise Bennett/Corinne Cumming


Iru wears a white dress, and what is very remarkable on her looks is the huge bracelet she is wearing on her right arm. Iru is standing on a raised platform in the middle of the stage. She stands there during the entire performance. The LED screeen shows smoke that twirls and turbulent weather. And if you see that, there is only one thing you need: indeed, a wind machine! And it’s there! And of course Iru is surrounded by smoke.

San Marino

Singer E-King wears a glitter jacket while the rest of the band Piqued Jacks wear black. On stage we have the huge LED wall that spots a lot of red: we see eyes, we see lips, all in a cartoon way. Piqued Jacks use the whole stage, E-King appears as the clear frontman. At several moments, he even lies down on the floor while singing.


Teya and Salena are wearing opposite colours: Teya wears black and Salena white, both with red blouses. The LED-screens play the main role in the Austrian act. It looks like Teya and Salena start their performance in front of a huge oldfashioned typewriter. In the typewriter a piece of paper with a picture of Edgar Allan Poe. Later we see the two ladies in red and with sunglasses on the screen, and Edgar in red.


Albina and the Kelmendi family all wear black. The colours at the LED screen are also black…. and red, the colours of the Albanian flag. Many flames during the Albanian performance. This song has quite an emotional performans. Albina sits on the floor for a moment, family members surround her with raised hands. Sacha Jean Baptiste did the staging for this entry.


Monika Linkytė wears an orange suit. She is surrounded by the four backings who all wear black. First she stands on a red background. Later we see half a circle, black, with indian like signs projected on it. She and the backing vocals are standing still at some moments, but walk around later, especially when the “Čiūto Tūto” part is sung.


Australia is the last country to perform. Voyager singer Daniel Estrin wears a blue suit with a chequered pattern. The band has a car on stage, a Toyota MR2, a car from the eighties and nineties. On the LED-screens we see a road, mountains and a setting sun. Red fireworks are visible at the end of the song.

in collaboration with Eurovision Artists


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