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Liverpool live: a pink day and a dancer!

Already for the 5th day, we are rehearsing. The first countries of the 2nd semifinal will rehearse today. Later today we will see the Big 5 for the very first time.

photo credits: EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett/Chloe Hashemi


Reiley has another outfit than he had last Tuesday. In stead of beige and white he was wearing pink today. The rotating house serves as a useful navigational aid for Reiley, preventing him from becoming disoriented on the expansive stage. Currently Denmark has the 30th place at the bookies, but in the 2nd semifinal ranking Reiley is 10th. There is hope for Denmark.


No changes seem to have appeared in the Armenian performance. So we still have Brunette sitting on the sloped structure, singing from it and later leaving it. Currently Brunette has a 12th place at the bookmakers. But remember Rosa Linn last year. She was 20th but had a worldwide hit.


A major change for Romania: where he had a yellow suit on Tuesday, it is pink today. Again he is wearing shorts, also his socks and boots are in pink. The Pikachu socks have changed for SpongeBob. The song is still not liked very much. We haven’t heard him singing yet, but with a 37th and last place in the betting odds the final seems very far away for Romania


Estonia didn’t have much changes in comparision to the previous presentation. Wouter Hardy, who previously wrote “Arcade” for Duncan Laurence and “Tout l’univers” for Gjon’s Tears, is also responsible for this song. But it doesn’t seem to gonna be thát successful: 24th at the betting odds, but in the semifinal ranking Estonia has a 12th place. 


It seems the Belgian act also remains the same. The stairs play a main role in the act, but the dancer, PussCee West has a remarkable role as well. The odds give Belgium a 29th place, but if we look at the specific semifinal ranking, it is an 8th place. Can we safely say Belgium will make it to the final?

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