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Gustaph represents Belgium

Gustaph will represent Belgium with the song “Because of you”, written and composed by Jaouad Alloul and Stef Caers. After an exciting voting, the televoter chose Gustaph as the winner with a landslide, while Gala Dragot was the favourite with the expert jury. It is to be announced in which of the semifinals in Liverpool Belgium will perform.

  1. Gustaph, “Because of you”, 278 pts.
  2. The Starlings, “Rollercoaster”, 277 pts
  3. Gala Dragot, “T’inquiette”, 271 pts.
  4. Chérine, “Ça m’ennuie pas”, 268 pts.
  5. Ameerah, “The carnival”, 171 pts.
  6. Loredana, “You lift me up”, 167 pts.
  7. Hunter Falls, “Ooh la la”, 128 pts.

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