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Finland selects for Liverpool

Tonight Finland will decide which song will represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest. Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) is the name of the national selection. Just as the last few years, seven songs will compete in the contest. The show starts at 20:00. You can choose to watch it without commentary, or with English, Swedish, Ukrainian or Russian commentary. 

Below you will find the field of songs for tonight:

1 Robin Packalen Girls like you
2 Kuumaa Ylivomainen
3 Käärijä Cha cha cha
4 Keira No business on the dancefloor
5 Benjamin Hoida mut
6 Lxandra Something to lose
7 Portion Boys Sama taivasta katsotaan

None of the artists took part in UMK before.


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