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Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou presents entry

photo: instagram

Today was the day that Andrew Lambrou presented his entry. Andrew will represent Cyprus with the song “Break a broken heart”. The song is written by Jimmy ‘Joker’ Thornfeldt, Jimmy Jansson, Thomas Stengaard and Marcus Winther-John. Jimmy ‘Joker’ Thornfeldt and Thomas Stengaard already wrote “Adrenalina” (San Marino) and “El diablo” (Cyprus), Thornfeldt also wrote “Voices” (Sweden), all in 2021. Stengaard also wrote “Fade to black” (Azerbeidzjan) in 2022, “Sister” in 2019 and “You let me walk alone” in 2018, both for Germany. His Eurovision debut was a winning one: “Only teardrops” for Emmelie de Forrest (Denmark) in 2013.

Andrew Lambrou himself is also not completely new to this world: last year he took part in the Australian national final.

This is the Cypriot song:


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