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WRS will sing for Romania

Tonight, WRS is chosen to represent Romania in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. The song “Llámame”  is written and composed by Andrei Ursu, Cezar Gună and Alexandru Turcu. Romania will perform in the 2nd half of the 2nd semifinal in Turin.

The full result of the contest is:

  1. WRS, “Llámame”
  2. Kyrie Mendél, “Hurricane”
  3. Dora Gaitanovici, “Ana”

The other songs were not placed:

  • Gabriel Basco, “One night”
  • Andrei Petruș, “Take me”
  • Cream, Minodora and Diana Bucșa, “România mea
  • Vanu, “Never give up”
  • Møise, “Guilty”
  • Alex Parker & Bastien, “All is love”
  • Petra, “Ireligios”


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