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UK or Ukraine…. our prediction for tonight

There are bookmakers, there are polls, there are so many different opinions and predictions. Our team gave it a go too, and we have different opinions. Some of us think, like many people, that Ukraine will win tonight. However, some of us are convinced the United Kingdom will win. Anyway, this is our final top 5:

1.United Kingdom

Finally, after so many years of bad scores, the United Kingdom might win the Eurovision Song Contest. Let’s all go to London (or wherever in the UK) next year!


A lot of emotion comes along with a song, that got a completely different meaning after the invasion, February 24 of this year. If Ukraine doesn’t win, it will at least end up very high!


Before the Russian invasion, Italy was the number 1 at the bookies. That was not for nothing: the song was and is popular. Whatever happens, this will be the best score for a host country in years.


Bad luck these two weeks for Sweden. Even in the last rehearsals, things went wrong. But still, we have a strong pop song that stands out in this contest. Sweden might not win, but do well anyway.


What goes for the United Kingdom, goes for Spain: after so many years of struggle to find a good song, they found one. A performance with a lot of dance, and a singer who can manage that: it’s unique. Welcome back to the top, Spain!


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