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The Rasmus: we are different from all the others

“Being an artist is not like a regular job. It’s really like you put your heart in it. It’s a little bit like living at the risk all the time,” says Lauri Ylönen, lead singer of The Rasmus. And you probably know that band. Because they are probably the most famous candidates in Turin. They have been around since 1994, but it took almost ten years before they had their international breakthrough. Their first and biggest international hit was “In the shadows” from their also successful album “Dead letters”.

Our reporter Kal spoke to the foursome. They tell him that they are different from all the others and want to show that on stage. They also tell you what “Jezebel” is about and that the riff of the song has been on the shelf for a while. Kal also pays special attention to Emilia Suhonen: she is new to the band. Oh yes, and they also talked about… well, see for yourself.


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