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Spain: Benidorm-Fest is going to start! (UPDATE)

Finally the moment has come: the pretentious Spanish National Final Benidorm-Fest will have it’s start. The show starts at 22.40 CET and you can watch it here. Seven songs were supposed to be performed in both semifinals. However, Luna Ki decided to withdraw as Spanish tv, RTVE, didn’t allow her to use autotune in the contest. From both semifinals the top-4 will go through to the final upcoming saturday.

The songs of tonight’s semifinal are:

  1. Varry Brava, “Raffaella” (74 pts, 4th)
  2. Azúcar Moreno, “Postureo” (69 pts. 5th)
  3. Blanca Paloma, “Secreto de agua” (79 pts., 3rd)
  4. Unique, “Mejores” (55 pts., 6th)
  5. Tanxugueirras, “Terra” (93 pts., 2nd)
  6. Chanel, “SloMo” (110 pts., 1st)

The finalists are in bold letters.

Azücar Moreno represented Spain in the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest and became 5th with “Bandido”. They got stuck in every Eurofan’s memory as they walked off the stage; the backing tape didn’t match with the orchestra. They were allowed to start anew.



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