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Slovenia: EMA starts (UPDATE)

Two semifinals and a final, that’s what Slovenia’s EMA will be up to. In each semifinal, three songs will be chosen by televoting, three by an expert jury. Tonight, at 20.20 CET, the first semifinal starts. You can watch it here.  These are the competing songs and artists: 

  1. July Jones, “Girls can do nothing”
  2. David Amaro, “Še vedno si lepa”
  3. Le Serpentine, “Tud teb se lahk zgodi”
  4. Bowrain & Brina, “Čas je”
  5. Luma, “All in”
  6. Stela Sofia, “Tu in zdaj”
  7. Jonatan Haller, “Obzorje”
  8. Batista Cadillac, “Mim pravil”
  9. Zala Smolnikar, “V ogledalu”
  10. Manouche, “Si sama?”

The finalists are in bold letters.


None of the artists took part in EMA before.


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