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Reddi represents Denmark in Turin

Reddi is going to represent Denmark in Turin. The group will present the song “The show”, written and composed by Chief 1, Ihan Haydar, Julia Fabrin, Remee Jackman and Siggy Savery. Denmark will sing in the second half of the first semifinal. The full results of the contest are:

  1. Patrick Dorgan, “Vinden suser ind”
  2. Conf3ssions, “Hallelujah” (superfinal)
  3. Der Var Engang, “En skønne dag”
  4. Fuld Effekt, “Rave med de hårde drenge
  5. Josie Ellinor & Jack Warren, “Let me go” (superfinal)
  6. Morten Fillipsen, “Happy go lucky”
  7. Reddi, “The show” (superfinal)
  8. Juncker, “Kommer for at blive”


  1. Reddi, “The show”, 38%
  2. Conf3ssions, “Hallelujah”
  3. Josie Ellinor & Jack Warren, “Let me go”


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