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Norway: 3rd semifinal Melodi Grand Prix (update)

Tonight is the night of 3rd semifinal of the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix. You can follow the show here. It starts at 19.50 CET. Two times two songs will have a duel; both the winning songs will compete for 1 ticket to the final. One other song, that goes directly to the final, will be presented too. This week it will be Northkid singing “Someone”.

First heat:

Mari Bølla, “Your loss” vs Oda Gondrosen, “Hammer of Thor”

Second heat:

Sturla, “Skår i hjertet” vs Vide, “Titans”


Oda Gondrosen, “Hammer of Thor” vs Vide, “Titans”

Winners are in bold letters.

None of the artists participated in Melodi Grand Prix before.


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